I have been the Opinions and Personal Essays editor at gal-dem, since joining in September 2020. These are some of my favourite commissions:

We need to talk about the anti-racism genre

Missy’s journey on Big Mouth encapsulates the complexity of Blackness

The enemy isn’t Lizzo, it’s toxic diet culture

Middle Eastern looks are ‘trending’, but where does that leave Middle Eastern women?

How supermarkets became the bloodiest new battleground in the UK’s culture war

Discovering my mother through her obituary

Kamala Harris’ appointment is historic but don’t ignore her problematic past

Food is and always will be political

Since the local lockdowns, England’s north-south divide has never felt deeper

I worked at The Tab from 2017-2019, where I commissioned articles to writers and edited them. These are some of my favourites:


These people broke into Glastonbury last minute and their stories are wild

Sad anniversaries are a thing and this is how people celebrate them

Dough balls and endless vouchers: What it’s like working at Pizza Express

Everything you’ll remember if you spent your teens on Tumblr

These are the 16 tragic things all British girls did during sleepovers in the 2000s

I asked my dating app matches when they last cried to find an emotionally available man

These people got back together with their exes and it actually worked out

How to deal with new relationship anxiety, because it can be scary af

First person

One in five women suffer from PCOS, so why has no one ever heard of it?

Forget Netflix, this is what being a Tall Girl is really like

The reality of being a Jewish student at uni


The James Charles scandal was built on homophobia and we just let it happen

I went to a private school and I don’t think they should exist

The real love story in Fleabag isn’t about the priest, but the two sisters

I’m sorry to tell you this but Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging is completely messed up

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