Twitter Threads

How it happened

One day in 2016, I wrote down the funniest bits of telly I could remember on a notepad because I was bored during an internship. I went home that evening and then posted the first thread of the funniest British TV moments on Twitter. It went viral.

Every year since then, I’ve been doing a round up of the funniest moments of British TV and it’s become a bit of a Twitter tradition. People message me as early as October, asking if I’ve started compiling my list yet.

In December 2019, I posted a decade round up, which amassed 120 million impressions on the site! But like a fool I accidentally deleted all the threads in May 2020 because I wanted to clear up my digital footprint. Nevertheless, the fun memories live on forever and I’ll be posting more in the future!

If you’re a brand looking to create thread compilations, get in touch.

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