Freelance (2020-)

I’m looking to grow my experience as a freelance writer in 2020 after leaving a full-time staff role as National Editor at The Tab in December 2019.

Apple Music

Junk Food by Easy Life interview and album review

Apple Books

Review: Black and British – David Olusoga

Review: Djinn Patrol On The Purple Line – Deepa Anappara

Review: Hamnet – Maggie O’Farrell

Review: In Five Years – Rebecca Searle

Review: Natives – Akala

Review: Nightingale – Marina Kemp

Review: Taking Up Space – Chelsea Kwakye and Ore Ogunbiyi

Review: This Book Is Anti-Racist – Tiffany Jewell

Review: Why I’m No Longer Talking To White People About Race – Reni Eddo Lodge


Amelia Dimoldenberg Won’t Stop ‘Chicken Shop Date’ For Anything, Not Even Lockdown

Are Instagram Activism Resources Helpful Or Performative?

Could TikTok Therapy Be Doing More Harm Than Good

How I Cope When The Toxic Conversation Around Celebrity Suicides Triggers My Mental Illness

I May Destroy You Navigates Dysfunctional Family Dynamics Like Never Before

The Glaring Problem With The UK Government’s Dangerous Anti-Obesity Campaign

The ‘Love Is Blind’ Narrative Proves Just How Quickly We Can Forget To #BeKind


How shows like Love Island highlight racism in dating

‘I’m finding faith on my own terms’ – How to be LGBTQ+ and Muslim


‘But who will clean the toilets?’ isn’t the woke take you want to have on immigration

Henrie Kwushue’s web series is a hilarious look at the rapid gentrification of London

United Zingdom is the podcast that asks if British identity is worth severing ties with your home country

We must hold the media responsible for amplifying government anti-immigrant rhetoric

‘You don’t see many young Asian girls out there, doing what they want’: teen actor Duaa Karim finds her space

Huffington Post

Abolishing Private Schools Is The Only Way To Make Things Fair

Netflix’s Too Hot To Handle Sends A Toxic Message About Intimacy


15 iconic TV moments that defined the 2010s


From The Good Immigrant to Think Like A White Man: The best books on race in Britain

‘I have to clean clogged extractor fans at work’: What British estate agents make of Netflix’s Selling Sunset

Sponsorships, scrutiny and selling sofas: The making of a modern TV reality star

Your ‘strange’ crush on Rishi Sunak could actually be a racist fetish


Nimko Ali interview: ‘I’m trying to create a world where FGM isn’t a reality’


Breakup Apps Helped Me Get Over My Ex

My Ramadan Diary: A 23-Year-Old Fasting For The First Time

Once I Had Seen My Hip Dips As A Problem, I Couldn’t Unsee It

When Your Intrusive Thoughts Are So Taboo, You Feel Like You Can’t Tell Anyone

Queer Muslims Are Carving Out Their Space On TikTok

Restless Magazine

How To Make Sure Your Allyship Isn’t Performative

Knowing When To Switch Off: Why Good Mental Health Is Crucial For Activism 


From WAGatha Christie to ‘The Dress’: 19 tweets that broke the internet this decade

How did wokeness become weaponised?

Summer of Solidarity

Being 20 in 2020: Still locked down in London


A Colourful Look at How Women Occupy Public Space

Artist Naima Sutton Explores the Role of Music in Caribbean Communities

How Lack of Social Housing Has Destroyed Communities in British Towns and Cities

Photographs Illustrating the Breadth of Identity

Students React to the Banning of Anti-Capitalist Material in UK Schools

The ‘Chav’ caricature has made a comeback on TikTok

The Dark Side of the #PerfectFace Surgery Trend

The Unbearable Limbo of Waiting for Post-Furlough Redundancy

These TikTok Stars Moved in Together During the Pandemic

These Textile Designs Protest the Invisibility of Black Women in Western Art

Teens on TikTok Are Filming Their Own Viral ‘Love Island’ Show

University Lecturers on Their Fears for the Class of 2020

We Asked Some Witches to Explain That TikTok Rumour About Hexing the Moon

What Gen Z’ers Really Think of Millennials

The Tab (2017-2019)

During my time at The Tab, I wrote around 500 articles, helped launch a popular culture section called “Trash” and wrote a TV column one summer which was read by 1.5 million people. Some of the articles I wrote were also featured on The Tab’s sister site Babe.net. I also illustrated for a few pieces. Here is a selection of my favourite pieces:



Ant and Seb, AbLisa and Cher Lloyd: Where are the iconic stars of X Factor now?

Sex Education’s unapologetic diversity is what makes it so powerful

These 16 ridiculous moments in Netflix’s ‘You’ prove just how dumb it is

George Sampson, Diversity and Connie Talbot: Where are the iconic stars of BGT now?

These are the 24 most batshit crazy things that actually happened on Waterloo Road

RIP The Apprentice (2005-2018): Another iconic British show gone but not forgotten

The 32 thoughts I had while watching Netflix’ tragic ‘The Knight Before Christmas’

Ranked: The most shocking Snog Marry Avoid transformations of all time

I watched Love Actually for the first time and actually, it’s a fat-shaming, sexist pile of crap

Yes, these 22 vintage but crazy moments really did happen on EastEnders!!!

These are all the hidden meanings you may have missed on Fleabag

I watched the first ever episode of Love Island and realised how terrible it used to be

The Lizzie McGuire Movie is the dumbest film ever and these 29 moments prove it

The 17 bizarre life lessons I learned from reading Dani Dyer’s book

Internet culture

All the truly unforgivable fashion trends you wore as a girl in the late-2000s

These are 23 of the most outrageous Depop dramas of all time

These early 2010s fashion disasters are so horrific they can stay in this decade

There’s now an Insta account for THAT polka dot dress from Zara

The 42 most soul destroying moments from Zoella’s new book ‘Cordially Invited’

Dating and relationships

Every ridiculous boy you will meet on Hinge right now

We spoke to the woman behind THAT private school dating app to ask her: ‘Why?’

What it’s like to actually date a young Tory, by people who’ve done it


The trials and tribulations of having a very needy housemate

The 89 signs you’re actually a massive Tory

If you’ve experienced these 59 things, you’re living in a grim house

Starter packs

The essential starter packs of every single degree, of course

The starter pack guide to every single student during the 2019 General Election

Which one of these uni girl starter packs accurately reflects your life?

This is every single boy at uni condensed into a starter pack

The transformation of every British girl in starter pack form, obviously

The British festival stereotypes of 2018: A starter pack guide

Reported features

‘There was an orgy in a tent’: What really happens at a Piers Gaveston Ball’

‘I got death threats for not allowing the white race to continue’: Interracial couples reveal their worst experiences

Third year who went viral on Twitter explains the reality of being a black student at Cambridge

These Reading Festival stories prove it’s Britain’s grimmest festival and always will be


Kendall Jenner’s supposed ‘trauma’ over her Pepsi ad is the epitome of performative white feminism

BBC’s ‘Real Housewives of ISIS’ makes a mockery of women who are raped, tortured and killed

Enough is enough: Love Island’s Samira isn’t unwanted, she’s a victim of anti-blackness

Finally people are seeing Alex from Love Island for who he really is, creepy and patronising

All the reasons you hate Cheryl are actually sexist

I’ve never been more ashamed to be a Warwick alumna

Ariana Grande is a blackfish and these are the receipts

Calling time on Jameela Jamil and her toxic brand of feminism

The racism in Love Island’s first coupling ceremony has reared its ugly head again

Sorry to break it to you but Game of Thrones is racist af

The Jeremy Kyle Show was a classist piece of trash that needed to be binned years ago

Actually, Caroline Calloway’s ex-friend Natalie Beach sucks just as much!

Original news

‘I was told to leave a bus for speaking Arabic’: Muslims tell us their experiences at university

Man on Bumble tells girl ‘if you went to the gym, I’d smash your back doors in’

My dad’s mental health story was ditched for the royal engagement news on live TV

This girl says she was raped twice on holiday. Now she wants to go back there to find her attackers

Nottingham Trent students arrested after chanting ‘we hate the blacks’ in halls

Named and pictured: The five students sending racist messages in the Exeter group chat

YouTuber accused of re-selling ‘unwanted’ and ‘used’ products in £49 Christmas advent calendar

Instagrammer cries at the thought of working a ‘normal job’ after account gets deleted


Quiz: Which Big Mouth character are you?

Quiz: Is this bedroom from your uni’s halls or a prison?